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Award for Excellence in Online Teaching

This is site provides a showcase for the exceptional educators at Trent University who were recently nominated and/or awarded the Award for Excellence in Online Teaching. The Award for Excellence in Online Teaching recognizes instructors who have demonstrated a passion for, and commitment to, online teaching; instructors who have designed particularly creative and engaging online courses; and instructors who have found effective online teaching strategies to help students learn

Please take some time to tour the site and see the comments that Trent students have shared about these instructors, as well as the instructors’ own thoughts on what it means to teach online in these challenging times.

Here is a full list of the 2020 – 2021’s Winner, Nominees and Finalists:


  • Brent Bellamy


  • Brent Bellamy
  • Dustin Ciufio
  • Katrina Keefer
  • Mitch Champagne
  • Stephen Hill

All Nominees:

  • Brandon Tozzo
  • Brenda Schepper
  • Brenda Smith-Chant
  • Brent Bellamy
  • Bruce Cater
  • David Beresford
  • Dianne Davis
  • Dustin Ciufio
  • Elizabeth Torrens
  • Fergal O’Hagan
  • Geoff Navara
  • Geoffrey Eve
  • Heather Shpuniarsky
  • Jennifer Eastabrook
  • Jessica Marion Barr
  • Jim Cosgrave
  • Joel Baetz
  • Joshua Synenko
  • Karla Wagner
  • Katrina Keefer
  • Kateryna Keefer
  • Katie Tremblay
  • Kelly Egan
  • Kristi Buccieri
  • Michael Hickson
  • Mara Heiber
  • Margaret Steffler
  • Mitch Champagne
  • Neil Fournier
  • Philip Giurlando
  • Rich McPherson
  • Ryan Cecchetto
  • Shannon Accettone
  • Sheldene Simola
  • Stephen Hill
  • Steven Rafferty
  • Tugce Ellialti-Kose
  • Wesley Burr