What Students Have to Say:

Brent was creative in the way he set up the course on Blackboard, with innovative modules including pictures, links, readings, quizzes and more. The course materials were engaging, easy to keep up with but provided a challenge with taking on new perspectives about how we see our world.

Anonymous Student

Reflections on Online Teaching

Being a course instructor for a web course that centres energy literacy means connecting with students about their lives. It has allowed me to follow them as they discover how to read the world around them for signs of the energy system that sustains them. More than this, it means enabling them to see they are not alone in their energy habits, in their quarantine, or in their university studies. I have to thank my students for recognizing how I create room for their ideas and hold space for their experiences. In a time when universities are under attack, this award shows me that the work we do as professors can be formative. I am only one person who worked to make this year meaningful and humane for my students. So many at our university and others elsewhere have done the same and more. Our students would be first to point that out.

Brent bellamy

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