What Students Have to Say:

Especially during this time of pandemic and chaos, Dr. Keefer has helped make learning fun and engaging….Despite the fact that we started in Ancient History progressing toward the present, it was very clear from the sources that Dr. Keefer shared (both the textual readings and audio-visual materials), that she was always sourcing materials to enrich the course…..Dr. Keefer fostered a community where people felt comfortable asking for help…

anonymous student

Reflections on Online Teaching

Being nominated for this award is a privilege, and a deeply humbling experience. Trent has incredible students, and the enthusiasm and eagerness of our students to learn, particularly in the challenging circumstances of a global pandemic, have been awe-inspiring. I teach a challenging topic at the best of times – our world has been fundamentally shaped by the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Ensuring that my students are able to engage with these painful histories is something which matters tremendously to me, and their feedback as we learn together is so important to me. Knowing that my students are finding my approaches successful and engaging is just such a great feeling! I look forward to continuing to help my students learn as a group and access new research and insights as we explore not only these difficult pasts, but the long shadow they cast over our present world.

Katrina keefer

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