What Students Have to Say

Rich is an outstanding virtual teacher….He has incorporated a variety of online activities to keep us engaged and participating: interactive google slides templates where we make virtual tweets regarding a topic or collaborative group research topics, weekly challenges to motivate us to go outside our comfort zone……

anonymous student

Reflections on Online Teaching

With teaching a brand-new course in a less-travelled content area, along with facilitating learning in a virtual setting, it definitely had its challenges. Though my teaching pedagogy and philosophy around learning wouldn’t vary much in either an offline or online scenario, it was and is important to me to always be transparent. When something didn’t work, it was acknowledged. Providing many opportunities for student feedback was crucial. In a teacher-ed program, it is also important to be vulnerable in allowing yourself to make mistakes and to learn from your students every step of the way. I am absolutely (humbled for this nomination) and thankful for all of my students this year in being a part of my learning journey. The teaching and learning we experienced together, pushed me to get back to work in building upon and enhancing this course; to provide a better learning experience for future students.

Rich McPherson

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