What Students Have to Say:

Simply fantastic personality and very engaging online classes. Facilitated group discussion in such a way I learned from the teacher as much as I did from my teacher candidate colleagues. My favourite teacher in the program.

Anonymous Student

Reflections on Online Teaching

I believe in education that we have a responsibility to each other. I want my students to feel important in my class as we engage in fun, hands-on activities to learn content, so it was critical for me that I translate those goals to an online setting this year. Making these connections is at the heart of what I do and for me excellence in online teaching involves purposefully making space in my courses to develop relationships with each other. Being nominated for this award means that I demonstrated how to actively build community in an online setting so that my teacher candidates can do the same with their own students in the future. That is a truly rewarding feeling, and I am grateful for this nomination.

Katie Tremblay

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