What Students Have to Say:

Kristy went above and beyond to make sure all her students understood material and made it asynchronies (sic) to accommodate for those unable to meet during this crazy time. I had Kristy for two of my courses last semester and I can easily say they were my favourite courses I’ve ever taken.

anonymous student

Reflections on Online Teaching

Teaching online was a new experience for me this year, as it likely was for many. I found it to be challenging in the most inspiring kind of way. It provided me with an opportunity to think creatively about how to deliver the same content using the tools that online learning provides. I am deeply touched to be nominated for this award. Student feedback is critically important, and to know that students have taken time out of their busy schedules to write the nomination means a lot to me. I always introduce students to my “self-appointed course assistants.” Here is a picture of me with one of them, my 2-year-old bulldog mix Brewster.

Kristy Buccieri

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