What Students Have to Say:

I feel that Professor Steffler’s ENGL 3507 class is one that I’ll remember not only because she managed to maintain a sense of normalcy in the virtual classroom, but because the content of the class and discussion it provoked was so intriguing. I will certainly look for Professor Steffler’s name when I start selecting courses for my final year at Trent.

Anonymous Student

Reflections on Online Teaching

Excellence in online teaching was important to me this year because my relationships and interactions with students, usually developed in lectures, seminars, office hours and casual conversations, depended on online teaching and learning through remote delivery and participation, mainly through Blackboard and Zoom. I was very pleased to be nominated for this award because it confirmed that my students were able to establish successful relationships with me and with each other. The nomination was also reassuring in its emphasis on the clarity and effective organization of the course material in this online format, thanks to the ongoing help and support of the “Centre for Teaching and Learning” and “Trent Online.”

Margaret Steffler

Image Alt Text: Margaret Steffler