What Students Have to Say:

Professor Ellialti-Kose began each week by providing students with in-depth lectures, as well as a variety of engaging secondary media. Each week there was an audio resource, and a written resource. Adding multiple types of resources made it even easier to find a way to learn the material that works best for me!

Anonymous Student

Reflections on Online Teaching

Excellence in online teaching has been important to me this year mainly because of the way online teaching, which is an increasingly integral aspect of higher education, was made a necessity, rather than a mere choice, due to measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of such a sudden transition, I was aware that my decisions around instruction techniques, selection of materials, and engagement with students that also included communication strategies needed to consider the question of how I could best create an online learning experience that meets (or at least comes near) the on-campus learning experience for students more seriously than ever. I am so happy to be nominated for this award this year especially since I believe that promoting an inclusive learning environment for my students, attending to their needs through regular and thoughtful communication, Blackboard announcements/emails, virtual office hours, and generous and constructive feedback, and offering flexibility without compromising academic rigor, discipline-specific objectives or productivity on the part of students led to this nomination. I would like to thank my students who nominated me for the award and the members of the Centre for Teaching and Learning for recognizing the efforts of instructors in this challenging year.

Tugce Ellialti-Kose

Image Alt Text: Tugce Ellialti-Kose