What Students Have to Say:

Of all my professors who have had to teach online, Kovacs is far and away the best. Not only is he incredibly reliable, but he provides multiple options and approaches to online lecture. He’s incredibly organized and efficient, teaching with the same enthusiasm and ability as when he’s in person.

Anonymous student

Presently, he’s been doing mixed classes to accommodate COVID restrictions and student hesitancy, lecturing in class and on Zoom simultaneously. His juggling of the two – interacting with them equally – is impressive to watch, and I very much appreciate the above-and-beyond effort and planning that requires from him. Not only does he simultaneously lecture, he also posts the recordings for asynchronous access, which is incredibly helpful both for those who did attend and who did not. He’s been amazing at adapting, and has done so the most flawlessly.

Anonymous student

Reflections on Online Teaching

To better accommodate students of differing needs during year two (and now three ☹ ) of this pandemic, I have been working hard to offer my courses in a hybrid format. Buy in from the students in the classroom and on the screen helped a lot, and I was amazed to see how well in-person and virtual groups could interact if given the right tools. It really made my day to read some of the nominators’ comments suggesting that these efforts made a meaningful difference for my students.

George Adam Kovacs

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