What Students Have to Say

Stephanie has been an amazing teacher online. She makes it known you can reach out at anytime and is super at communicating.

Anonymous Student

She has developed a great organization of our class work and where to find everything. When assignments are confusing she does a great job at further explaining. Finding course content is very easy as it is well organized. Her assignments further knowledge on the subject and further the lectures and lessons

Anonymous student

Reflections on Online Teaching

To me, excellence in online teaching means to create welcoming, friendly, and accessible online learning spaces where students can engage with and digest the course material in ways that work for them. Courses in criminology cover a range of topics related to crime and society, and by times the material can be sensitive and personal. Since the Introduction to Criminology course was running in the Winter 2022 semester and within the second year of the pandemic and its extra stressors, it was additionally important to ensure that students could interact with the course, with each other, and with the instructor in ways that were flexible and emotionally safe.   

As a critical criminologist, achieving a successful learning space that introduces students to criminological perspectives and literature is deeply meaningful to me, and I would not have been able to accomplish it without the support of the Trent Online Team.

Stephanie Ehret

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