What Students Have to Say

Prof. Burr has worked really hard to ensure that every student in his online courses has the resources and materials needed to succeed during online school. He has provided asynchronous, synchronous, and weekly extra videos to keep students on top of the content……He has been extra kind and patient with all the students and is always making the effort to make sure that help is always available for extra support.

anonymous student

Reflections on Online Teaching

This year, with the stress of teaching remotely and worrying about the pandemic (not by choice!), and with our students under enormous pressures, my objective was to support our students and give them tools for success. It is heartening to be nominated for this award, as it indicates to me that some part of my objective was met, and that the students in my classes felt supported and encouraged. I also would like to express gratitude to my incredible 1051H and 1052H TAs, without whom student success would not have been possible: Haley Gilchrist, Ben Ott, Phoenix Armstrong, Shannon Jarvis, Ali Ahmadzai, and Hannah Wood. They are the real heroes.

Wesley Burr

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